Curaçao Travel Guide: 7 Days Exploring the Island

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Located 40 miles north of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea, Curaçao is a Lesser Antilles island and a constituent country of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Historically, the culture and economy of Curaçao derived from the Dutch colonial rule. While the island was occupied during the slave trade, the Dutch constructed colonial buildings in Willemstad, the capital of Curaçao. These charming, pastel buildings bear resemblance to the architecture of Amsterdam. Today, the city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage City. If you are interested in reading more about my trip to the ABC islands, check out my article on 5 Places to Visit in Bonaire: Spectacular Beaches, Scuba Diving, and Snorkeling.



There are dozens of beaches and resorts to visit while in Curaçao. If you are interested in relaxing at a resort or drinking a cocktail, I recommend visiting the Saint Tropez Ocean Club, Avila Beach, or Zanzibar. If you want to check out a local nightlife, Mambo Beach offers the latest entertainment and contains bars that are only footsteps off of the beach.



If you decide to stay in the capital, I’d recommend renting an apartment in Otrobanda, one of the most historically important quarters. The district was developed in the 18th century after the city of Punda became overpopulated. When I stayed, my AirBnb was in close proximity to Queen Emma Bridge and the fantastic views of the Handelskade on Saint Anna Bay. This historic waterfront is a must-see site before breakfast or brunch in the morning. After you walk across the bridge toward the heart of the city, you can stop at one of the top local cafes or restaurants such as La Bohème Curaçao, Dal Toro Restaurant, or Wandú Café.


Since Curaçao is hot year-round with an average temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s always a great day to go to the beach. For a daytrip outside the Willemstad, visit Playa Porto Mari or Playa Kenepa Grandi to enjoy calm, crystal clear water and fine-sand beaches.


If you are able to rent a car while in Curaçao, I would definitely visit Christoffel National Park. Located 45 minutes outside of Willemstad, Christoffelpark is a protected nature area at the north-western end of the island of Curaçao and contains three former plantations: Plantage Savonet, Plantage Zorgvlied and Plantage Zevenbergen. The park is also filled with a variety of flora and fauna, which you can appreciate by hiking throughout the park or driving on its steep and windy roads. If you decide to hike, make sure to bring a lot of water because the scorching temperatures can quickly dehydrate you.


If you are looking to sign up for an adrenaline pumping activity, check out Eric’s ATV Adventures or horseback riding excursions at Rancho Alegre. The ATV adventure is filled with opportunities to off-road on dusty trails, see spectacular views of the ocean, and hike through old caves, while Rancho Alegre offers the chance to trot and canter through cactus fields and steep hills. Alegre also has a variety of farm animals on-site, including goats, geese, and chickens.


For the second half of my trip, I stayed in an AirBnb in Jan Sofat Marina and had the opportunity to take a day-trip to Klein Curacao. Klein is an uninhabited island that lies 15 miles south-east of Curaçao in the Caribbean Sea. It takes two-hours by boat to reach Klein’s shore. While the island only contains an old lighthouse, a beach house, and several huts, it has great areas to snorkel, scuba dive, and windsurf.

Curaçao is one of my all-time favorite destinations. From the white sand beaches to the quaint city center of Willemstad, this “ABC” island is a must-see. If you have been or want to go to Curaçao, let me know what you think of this destination in the comments below!

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