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Most people would love to make their home more beautiful, functional, and catered to their personal style. However, many don’t have the budget to take on a huge remodel, splurge on high-end finishes, or hire contractors and a designer. If this resonates with you, don’t feel discouraged! 

You would be amazed at how much beauty you can add to your home with easy, affordable DIY home improvement projects, even in one weekend. These projects cater to any budget and experience level, whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or you’ve never picked up a power tool.

Here’s my quick guide to 20 achievable DIY projects under $200! 


20 DIY Projects Under $200

1. Paint your walls, ceilings, doors, or trim

When it comes to transforming a room, few things are as inexpensive and impactful as a fresh coat of paint. Many people stop after painting just one accent wall – but don’t underestimate the power of making a bold statement by painting trim and doors to make them stand out, or even color-drenching an entire room, including the ceiling, trim, and crown molding. 


2. Install wall treatments like board and batten, wainscoting, picture frame molding, wood slat features, wallpaper, or ceiling medallions

Wall and ceiling treatments add so much depth and character to a space. They can easily transform an empty builder-grade room to a space that feels like it was thoughtfully custom-built. 

Shop: $20 Picture frame molding$60 Ceiling medallion 


3. Make a gallery wall

As an interior designer, one of my go-to money-saving hacks when working with a tight budget is to download digital prints from artists on Etsy. That way, I only have to pay for the printing and framing costs. Many artists even offer gallery wall bundles and show you the dimensions of the frames you’ll need. 

Shop: $12 Gallery Wall Print Set


4. DIY your own wall art

Create your own textured abstract canvas art piece using a blank canvas, spackle, and a putty knife. You can even paint it after it dries with any colors that suit your color scheme. I’ve done this DIY in the past and I can attest that it looks beautiful!

Shop:  4 ft x 4 ft Canvas for under $50$9 Spackle | $4 Putty Knife Set


5. Add a frame to your bathroom vanity mirror

Upgrade your bathroom mirror, or any existing mirror you have, by thrifting a vintage brass picture frame for a more ornate look. You can even use ornate molding trim and spray paint it to look like antique gold, so it can be customized for any mirror dimensions. 

Shop: $10 Antique Brass Spray Paint


6. Paint your kitchen or bathroom cabinets 

Upgrade your cabinetry by removing the doors and repainting them! Make sure you research the proper way to sand and seal them. You may want to use a paint sprayer for a smoother finish. 


7. Elevate your kitchen with under-cabinet light strips

Shop: $20 Under-Cabinet Light Strips


8. Update your cabinet hardware, doorknobs, outlet covers, or bathroom accessory hardware

Shop: $10 Decorative Outlet Covers


9. Install floating shelves 

You can even add an antique brass gallery rail for a more personalized look. Here’s one I’ve used in a past project: Affordable Gallery Rail Kit.


10. If you don’t have hardwired sconces, hang up sconces or picture lights with remote-controlled battery-operated light bulbs

Shop: $12 Remote-Controlled Light Bulb


11. Add character to plain garage doors with magnetic door handles and faux windows

Shop: $20 Decorative Garage Door Kit


12. Install peel and stick tiles

If you don’t have the budget for purchasing and installing real tiles, try this temporary hack to make your tiling look more beautiful for a fraction of the cost.


13. Paint a tile design or faux wallpaper design with a stencil

Another way to save on new tiles or expensive wallpaper is to create your own design using a stencil and any paint color of your choice. 

Shop: $15 Floral Wallpaper Stencil$10 Geometric Tile Stencil 


14. Over-grout an outdated stone fireplace 

You can head here for a material list and my step-by-step guide for this DIY from a past project of mine! It only took 2 days and we spent under $100.


15. Flip or upcycle existing furniture and decor pieces

You can modernize your existing outdated wood furniture by sanding and restaining it, or even elevate old decor like lamps and vases with a rustic artisan texture using paint and baking soda. You can also do this on thrifted or second-hand pieces at a much cheaper price than buying new. 


16. IKEA Hacks

Personalize plain IKEA furniture, like bookcases and dressers, with paint, arches, new hardware, fluted wood, and cane or rattan contact paper. We did an IKEA Billy Bookcase hack in a past project and it was so simple and turned out amazing! Head here for all the details. 


17. Reupholster your headboard 

Instead of splurging on a whole new bed frame or high-end headboard, try elevating your current one or buying a more affordable option and adding any fabric of your choice. 


18. Elevate your faux indoor plants 

Make your indoor plants appear taller by filling the bottom of a tall planter with newspaper, foam, or cardboard, and adding moss or landscaping rocks on top.


19. Add aesthetic organization systems to your pantry, spice drawer, closets, laundry room, or bathroom storage

Shop: $25 Glass Spice Jars and Labels$30 Kitchen Pantry Glass Food Storage and Labels 


20. Install planter posts with string lights on your porch, deck, or backyard

Shop: $70 Planter Posts$24 Outdoor String Lights 


I hope you feel inspired to tackle some affordable and achievable DIY projects to bring more beauty into your home, without breaking the bank! 

I’m an interior designer based in San Diego, serving clients throughout the West Coast and beyond. If you’re interested in working with a designer on an upcoming home project, I would love to chat with you! Head to this link to learn more about my services and past work, or contact me about a project. You can also follow me on Instagram @sydneyhollidayinteriors for more interior design tips, tricks, and inspiration. 




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