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For the past few months, INUIKII’s Classic Sneaker Boots have been a staple in my winter wardrobe. You won’t believe how many compliments I’ve received wearing them! These boots are well-loved for their simplicity, coziness, and design. Plus, they’re made with soft shearling to keep you warm and cozy, and an anti-slip rubber sole, so can withstand both snowy and wet conditions. If you’re looking to expand your winter boots collection, INUIKII designs the perfect winter essentials. Keep reading for my honest review of INUIKII Classic Sneaker Boots.

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Saks Fifth Avenue / Shopbop / Farfetch


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INUIKII Classic Sneaker Boots Edit

INUIKII is made up of two Inuit words, Inu and Ikii. Inu means beautiful, and Ikii means cold. When you put the two words together, they tell us what INUIKII stands for: the beauty of the cold. And I can tell you that you’ll feel beautiful wearing these soft shearling boots. Here are my favorite ways to wear INUIKII.

The Inuikii Edit


What I Love About INUIKII Boots

  • Inuikii is a modern brand built around sustainability.
  • The boots are designed in Switzerland and handmade in Europe, so each pair is unique.
  • The boots are SO soft and cozy because of the European shearling.
  • They’re perfect for Après-skis.


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INUIKII: Sustainable at Heart

Designed in Switzerland and made in Portugal, INUIKII is a footwear label renowned for creating unique, statement shoes for cold weather. This Swiss brand is also well-regarded for its commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Features

  • European shearling: A biodegradable, breathable, and naturally thermostatic organic material.
  • Eco-rubber: Made by up to 70% devulcanized rubber (means 70% recycled), devulcanized in their facilities. Sourced by their own rubber waste which results from production.
  • Lacing: 100% organic-cotton
  • Water-based glue: Used in the production of all shoes.
  • Recycled FSC-certified packaging: To reduce packaging waste. Sleeves are also made of recycled fabrics from production waste.


  • LWG-certified: Leather manufacturers are certified by LWG. Additionally, INUIKII engages with members of the leather supply chain and gives them the knowledge to be able to make informed sustainable choices in their businesses.
  • GOTS-certified: Made with a minimal impact on the environment, and come from at least 70% organic materials. These materials are also sourced from workers who are paid and treated fairly, working voluntarily in a safe environment, and allowed to associate and collectively bargain.
  • OEKO-TEX certified: Made without the use of harmful chemicals.


INUIKII Classic Sneaker Boots FAQs


Are INUIKII Sneaker Boots true to size?

I’m normally a size 9.5 US / 40 EU. I ordered a size up for a looser fit, which was the equivalent of a 11B / 41EU in INUIKII Classic Sneaker Boots. They’ve worked perfectly for me! Quick warning: INUIKII can be slightly narrowing at the toe.


How do you clean INUIKII?

According to INUIKII’s website: “Use a mixture of lukewarm water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent and clean the stains or dirt off your shoes with a toothbrush or a clean piece of cloth. Avoid soaking the shoes completely in water. After cleaning, leave the shoes to dry completely.”


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Places to Shop for INUIKII

Here are the sites I recommend browsing.

Saks Fifth Avenue / Shopbop / Farfetch / Neiman Marcus / Nordstrom


Thanks for reading my Inuikii Classic Sneaker Boots review. For more fashion finds, check out my Style section.

Love, Kim

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