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Hey everyone! Today I will discuss my experience with RewardStyle––a fashion marketing platform that supports influencers in creating monetizable content for retailers. In July 2020, I joined as an influencer and began to monetize my blog by linking my favorite products. Since then, I have grown well-acquainted with RewardStyle and what it takes to succeed! Keep reading for a breakdown of RewardStyle, how the platform works, and what I make as a retail influencer.

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What is RewardStyle?

Amber Venz founded RewardStyle, an invitation-only, end-to-end influencer content marketing channel leveraged by one million brands worldwide. RewardStyle works with over 5K retailers, supports over 100K influencers, and drives more than $2.5B in annual online sales.


How Do You Get Accepted to RewardStyle?

Before you submit your application, make sure that you have a clear niche, a cohesive social media feed, and a decent amount of Instagram followers, Instagram post likes, and Instagram posts. It can be tough to get accepted! My advice? Start a blog, post great content regularly, and actively engage with your followers! Then, apply here to join the RewardStyle network!


How Do You Earn Money With RewardStyle?

RewardStyle allows influencers to earn commission by creating RewardStyle enabled links and sharing them across their blog and social channels. When customers click these links, a cookie is placed on their browser for 30 to 60 days. If the customer decides to purchase within this period, a portion of the entire sale will go to the influencer. On average, influencers make about 10% commission. Certain brands, such as 7 For All Mankind, Amour Vert, Girlfriend Collective, Madewell, and James Perse offer up to 25% commission.


How Much Money Can You Make Using RewardStyle?

Based on my research, the average RewardStyle influencer makes anywhere from 100 to 5,000 per month. Dedicated bloggers using RewardStyle earn tens of thousands of dollars per month simply by linking their favorite products! In a recent interview, Amber Venz commented that specific RewardStyle influencers are now making over seven figures!


How Often Does RewardStyle Pay Influencers?

RewardStyle pays you every two weeks once your commission reaches $100. All commission information is reported to RewardStyle directly from the retailer but may take a few days to process. Sales can take up to 90 days to close, meaning the items are no longer returnable to the retailer, and RewardStyle has received the funds for influencer payment.

Amber Venz, Founder of RewardStyle

“I am very happy to say that some rewardStyle bloggers actually now pull in 7 figure salaries. Our ecosystem of publisher tools coupled with our intensive, results-driven consulting services have successfully groomed these top performers into true wealth.”


What is allows customers to purchase items from their favorite influencers! While it was initially created to enable people to shop Instagram photos, it is now its shoppable app. As an extension of RewardStyle, influencers are also paid roughly 10 percent in commission. Depending on the retailer, you could receive anywhere from 7 to 25% commission.


What RewardStyle Widgets Can I Use to Drive Sales?

1. LinkNinja

LinkNinja allows you to create commissionable rewardStyle links to monetize your content online.

2. MoneySpot

This widget enables you to create clickable and commissionable product collages or photos.



3. Lookbook

This widget appears as a carousel of products, where the images appear one at a time on a large scale.



4. Boutique

The boutique widget appears as a collage-style board. It is often installed on a shop page on an influencer’s site.



5. Shop The Post

This scrolling carousel of products allows you to highlight the products featured in your post.



Is It Worth Joining RewardStyle?

Yes! Absolutely. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to join this network. I love accessing over 5,000 retailers and brands and sharing my favorite beauty, fashion, health and wellness, technology, and travel finds with my community.


XO, Kim

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