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Lately, I’ve been obsessed with wearing stackable gold rings. They’re the perfect way to elevate your outfit, whether you’re going for a trendy business casual look at work or a casual loungewear fit at home. Over the past few months, I’ve gone from wearing one ring on each hand to one ring on each finger. I’m obsessed! Gold rings are so fun to style. In this article, I’ve linked my ten favorite brands to shop for affordable gold rings. Check out my favorites below.

Affordable Gold Rings

Under $100


Featured: Missoma


Affordable Gold Ring Brands

  1. Mod + Jo – Dallas-based, small-batch jewelry cultivating confidence and femininity.
  2. Ana Luisa – Waterproof, tarnish-free, and backed by a 2-Year warranty.
  3. Gorjana – 14k gold stacking rings, made to mix, style, and layer.
  4. Etsy – Handmade rings from talented Etsy sellers.
  5. Missoma – Recycled gold and silver demi-fine rings.
  6. Mejuri – Discover handcrafted, everyday rings inspired by you.
  7. Catbird – Fine gold rings — a put it on, never take it off collection.
  8. Aurate – Ethically sourced sustainable 14K, 18K solid gold and vermeil.
  9. Dea Dia – Unconventional, handmade statement jewelry that is as unique as you.
  10. GLDN – Personalized jewelry handmade to order. Handmade rings, all customizable.


1. Mod+Jo

Mod+Jo is a Dallas-based, small-batch jewelry company that offers a wide variety of stacking, mid, and hypoallergenic rings. My favorite gold rings are the Smooth Talker Stacking Ring and the Tube Stacking Ring.

Price Range: $25–$75



2. Ana Luisa

These two 14K gold-plated rings are the perfect addition to your collection! These rings are plated in-house, carbon-free, and have a 365-day warranty. My favorite gold rings are the Noa Ring and Gold Twist Ring.

Price Range: $50–$100



3. Gorjana

These two simple rings are a great addition to your jewelry collection! Customize your signet ring with your initials, a lucky number, or an engraving. My favorite gold rings are the Rose Ring Set and the Parker Link Ring.

Price Range: $50–$100



4. Etsy

Etsy has plenty of one-of-a-kind gold jewelry! One of the shops I discovered is Caitlyn Minimalist, which offers a variety of adorable gold rings. My favorite gold rings are her Thin Stacking Rings and Twisted Dome Rings.

Price Range: $20–$50



5. Missoma

My favorite jewelry brand of all time! You won’t want to take off these rings. From stackable to signet and statement rings, choose from a selection of styles and gemstones, then pile them on. My favorite gold rings are the Gold Square Black Signet Ring, Gold Radial Ring, and Gold Infiniti Ring.

Price Range: $75–$150



6. Mejuri

Mejuri is an excellent option for fine, delicate jewelry. It is also one of the most affordable places to buy everyday pieces. My favorite gold rings are the Charlotte Bold Ring, Figure Ring, and Dôme Ring.

Price Range: $75–$150



7. Catbird

Catbird offers a wide variety of rings in different sizes and metals! All of their jewelry is made in their Brooklyn studio with ethically sourced 14k gold. My favorite gold rings are the Mignon Memory Ring and Grand Cygnet Ring.

Price Range: $50–$250



8. Aurate

Aurate has simple, delicate gold rings made of ethically sourced, sustainable 14K gold, 18K gold, and vermeil. These rings are perfect worn alone or stacked together. My favorite gold rings are the Gemstone Ring, Gold Knot Ring, and Infinity Ring.

Price Range: $50–$150



9. Dea Dia

These organic rings are handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. These rings were created by hand in wax, then cast in recycled brass, and polished to a high shine. My favorite rings are the Yin Pinky Ring, Wisdom Ring, and Serpent Rising Ring.

Price Range: $50–$150



10. GLDN

GLDN rings are made to be personalized. Additionally, 90% of the metals the brand uses to create its pieces are recycled. My favorite gold rings are the Flora Ring and Aurora Bar Ring.

Price Range: $50–$150



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