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From handmade pendants to vintage-inspired earrings, the spirit of artisanal excellence is still alive and well in the jewelry industry. If you are searching for under-the-radar and niche jewelry brands with unique designs, you’re in the right place. For all my jewelry lovers, here are ten niche jewelry brands that will make you fall in love with jewelry all over again.

Favorite Jewelry Finds


Featured: Chan Luu Jewelry


Niche Jewelry Brands

1. Chan Luu

Started in 1996, Vietnamese-born designer Chan Luu founded the brand as a passion project after a long career in retail. Her business is founded on a commitment to giving women in the developing world fair wages, good work, and life skills. Her Los Angeles based contemporary lifestyle brand is known worldwide for exquisite handcrafted jewelry, combining cultural elements found worldwide with a modern California influence.

Favorite Pieces: Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings and Labradorite Necklace




2. Aureum Collective

Meaning ‘golden’ in Latin, Aureum has a variety of vintage-inspired curb chains and french rope styles. You can shop 24K gold or silver pieces designed with quality, versatility, and beauty in mind. Shop Aureum for a little dose of daily luxury.

Favorite Pieces: Vienna Earrings and Nova Ring


3. Catbird NYC

Catbird jewelry is made in a Brooklyn studio using ethically sourced materials and conflict-free stones. Explore their most loved pieces, from solid 14k gold classics to the newest signet rings, tennis bracelets, and personalized charms.

Favorite Pieces: Baby Cygnet Ring, Tinsel Bracelet, and Dollhouse Heart Locket




4. Aurate

Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui–longtime friends from graduate school–founded Aurate in 2015. Shop handmade, ethically sourced, sustainably made, and 100% recycled 14K gold, 18K gold, and 14K gold-plated vermeil jewelry inspired by the never-ending movement of New York City.

Favorite Pieces: Infinity Ring, Venus Organic Pearl Gold Ring, and Lioness Pendant Necklace


5. Kinn Studio

Kinn Studio is committed to creating exquisite jewelry that endures—without sacrificing quality, materials, or design. Each piece is an heirloom in the making, intended to be more meaningful with each wear. Kinn Studio uses recycled 14k gold and ethically sourced gemstones, ensuring each piece meets the high standards of quality and supports responsible production.

Favorite Pieces: Oval Locket Necklace, Love Letter Charm Necklace and Heart Locket




6. Julie Vos

Designed in New York City, Julie Vos jewelry is made using semi-precious gemstones, pearls, and imported glass that is hand set in 24K gold plate. The brand’s “wearable luxury” pieces are timeless with a twist, drawing inspiration from Julie Vos’ love for New York City, the fine arts, and travel. The brand believes that “we create the beautiful world we live in, with inspiration and discipline.”

Favorite Pieces: Calypso Delicate Bracelet, Calypso Ring, and Honeybee Statement Necklace

7. Dea Dia

Dea Dia is a one-of-a-kind business. Their jewelry is women-owned and women-made, made of recycled metals and manufactured in downtown Los Angeles. The founder, Jessica Lawson, believes that “jewelry can be about so much more than an accessory; rather, it can be a tool of self-expression and confidence, a talisman to enhance your daily life.”

Favorite Pieces: Serpent Rising Ring, Wisdom Ring, and Silva Coin Necklace



8. Cleopatra’s Bling

Dreamed up in Paris, Cleopatra’s Bling was born from an adoration of travel and ancient jewelry-making traditions. Founder Olivia Cummings first learned the art of adornment in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, where she carved wax, hammered metals and sourced stones for her brand. Today, Olivia travels between Paris or Melbourne while running her business.

Favorite Pieces: Gorgoneion Ring with Garnet, Apollo Sun Ring, and Byzantine Venice Domino Contrarini Medallion



9. Sahira Jewelry Design

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, designer Sahira Sued offers chic and daring pieces for the modern woman. Each piece lasts a lifetime and effortlessly blends distinctive design with absolute authenticity.

Favorite Pieces: Jax Necklace, Snake Chain, and Emperor Coin Necklace

10. Kirstin Ash

Kirstin Ash is an Australian designer jewelry brand that loves “sun-drenched moments.” Jewelry is available in sterling silver, 18k gold, or rose gold vermeil.

Favorite Pieces: Under the Night Sky Necklace, and Golden Sun Coin Necklace



Looking for more niche jewelry inspiration? Check out my other popular articles: Top 20 Trendy & Affordable Jewelry Brands and Top 10 Brands to Shop for Affordable Gold Rings.

Love, Kim

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