September Reflections: “One of Life’s Constants is Change”

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September Reflections

It’s 4:45 pm on September 12, 2023. Fall is only 11 days away. I’m working in my kitchen today, watching the leaves flutter in the wind and the hummingbirds sip from our bright red feeders. I’m also thinking about the passage of time and how quickly things can change. Fall reminds us to slow down, to take stock of the many months we’ve left in the past. The leaves change. The air becomes colder and brisker. The animals that gather during the summer months are preparing for winter. We’re changing, adapting, and preparing, too. “One of life’s constants is change,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and he’s right.

A Story of Change: The Accidental Sunflowers

Today, I walked outside to a great example of change. Looking at the picture below, would you guess that these sunflowers are a happy accident? My grandma and I fill our bird feeders with sunflower seeds, and this year, the birds tossed enough of them on the ground that a giant patch of sunflowers bloomed after the rain. Sometimes, change brings beauty. Or to put it more bluntly, brand new life!


“One of Life’s Constants is Change.”

In other words, one decision can lead to an entirely different path. This year, I experienced a lot of profound change. On May 6th, I moved from Los Angeles, CA, to Littleton, CO, to be closer to my 85-year-old grandma Jean. While it was a difficult decision to move, it ultimately brought so much joy, connection, and beauty to my life. Today, I find myself taking stock of my initial decision and reflecting on how I got here.

When I moved to Littleton, Colorado, I knew was ready to try something new. I wasn’t satisfied with my job, place of residence, or relationship, and deep down, I knew there was more I could explore out of life. My grandma Jean needed my help, and in a way, I knew I needed her guidance, too. I prayed to God and followed Him to Colorado, where I resettled in the Rocky Mountains amidst new friends. It’s been nerve-wracking at times, but oh-so-rewarding, and if I’d make the decision again, I would.  In my mind, my 3-month mark here should have been more emotionally significant, but surprisingly, this 4-month mark is impacting me more. I think I’m finally accepting that my decision to move to Colorado is real, and that I’m here for the long run.


Looking Back to the Past as an Act of Gratitude

I think that if you’re happy with where you’re at, you should look back every once in a while and acknowledge where you’ve come from. And more specifically, reflect on the decisions, accidents, and miracles that have led you here. I’ll call it giving credit where credit’s due.

In the spirit of gratitude, I want to give credit to the following people, places, and things on my journey:

People: My parents for being present in my life while I was in Los Angeles. My dear friend, Makena, for only being a call or a drive away (in Hermosa Beach or Marina Del Rey) when I needed her. My grandma Jean for welcoming me to Littleton, Colorado with open arms.

Places: Los Angeles, for teaching me resilience, fortitude, and how to follow my inner compass. Ultimately, to leave the city with a stuffed suitcase of valuable lessons. Littleton, Colorado, for welcoming me with a warm smile in the sunny summer months, and showing me the value of letting loose and having a good time, all hours of the day.

Things: The jobs that taught me what I was capable of and gave me a myriad of skills to work with in content marketing. Ultimately, these jobs inspired me to go at it alone by relaunching my lifestyle blog. Without working my way here, I’d be far less educated in the field I’m pursuing.

What Led You to Where You Are Today?

For me, it wasn’t one specific person, place, or thing that pushed me out the door to Colorado, but a combination of factors led me to make a change. There are a million moments that could be the cause, but ultimately, I listened to my inner compass, and now, I’m here.

In the theme of “one of life’s constants is change,” I want to ask you:

  • What decisions have led you to your current life today?
  • What are your current blessings?
  • Who’s helped you get here?

I hope we can all make friends with change, and realize it’s not so big and/or scary when making a change is the right step for you. If you’re happy with you’re at, look back at all the small moments (people, places, and things) that led to your big life changes. And, of course, go to bed at night with a smile, for the best is yet to come.

P.S. If you like this blog post, check out my other recent post: 10 Daily Habits for a Happier & Healthier Life.


Love, Kim

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