12 Sustainable Safari Clothing Brands for Women

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When preparing for my Trip to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, I scoured the internet for sustainable safari clothing brands. As I found my favorite pieces, I saved them, so I could share them with you. Just so you know, the first rule of safari fashion is function! All the brands I’ve linked are reliable and durable, meaning they’ll protect you from the elements, the mosquitos, and the blazing sun. Second, all of the items linked are in safari-friendly colors––green, tan, khaki, and brown––to help you blend in well with the environment. From Orvis’ outdoor wear to Prana’s stylish pants, here is a carefully curated list of 12 sustainable safari clothing brands for women.


Featured: Ruby Lightweight Army Jacket / Bridgeway Zip-Off Pants


Sustainable Safari Clothing Brands

If you’re here, you’re passionate about protecting the environment. The following sustainable brands are perfect to shop for safari clothes. If you need a complete safari packing list, check out my detailed blog post on What to Wear in the Okavango Delta! ❤️

Quick Shop

1. Patagonia / 2. Prana / 3. Orvis / 4. Cotopaxi / 5. The North Face / 6. Helly Hansen / 7. Arc’teryx / 8. Birkenstocks / 9. Tentree / 10. Fjällräven / 11. Teva / 12. Aventura Clothing

Top Sustainable Safari Clothes


1. Patagonia

Patagonia offers a range of sustainable outdoor clothing, focusing on ethical sourcing and eco-friendly materials. Their stylish and functional designs are ideal for your next safari. Bonus: Patagonia has pledged to become a carbon-neutral and zero-waste company.

Pictured on the Left: Women’s Early Rise Stretch Shirt | Pictured on the Right: Women’s Slim All Seasons Hemp Pants


2. Prana

Next up, prAna, which offers sustainable and organic clothing suitable for safari activities. They prioritize ethical sourcing and eco-friendly materials, making them a smart choice for eco-conscious international travelers!


3. Orvis

Orvis specializes in outdoor and adventure clothing designed specifically for women. They commit 5% of pre-tax profits to protect nature, diversified among programs and initiatives to maintain, improve, and protect our natural world. Shop their line of UPF t-shirts and pants––must-haves for the African sun.


4. Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is my favorite brand out of all these sustainable safari clothing brands. As a climate-neutral certified company, Cotopaxi creates highly sustainable outdoor gear. I’m in love with their color selection! Cotopaxi often uses recycled materials rather than raw materials in designs to limit their dependence on fossil fuels and reduce landfill usage.

Pictured on the Left: Paseo Travel Crop T-Shirt | Pictured on the Right: Salto Ripstop Pant


5. The North Face

As a well-known outdoor clothing brand, North Face is actively working to reduce their environmental impact. I highly recommend their weather-resistant t-shirts, shorts, and pants (perfect for safaris). The best part? 100% of their top materials (polyester, cotton and nylon) are expected to be recycled, responsibly sourced renewable, or regeneratively grown by 2025.


6. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen offers outdoor clothing designed to withstand harsh conditions. Almost all of their nonwoven insulations contain 80% post-consumer recycled polyester, and they have replaced around 70% of our fleece fabrics with recycled content. Shop Helly Hansen for utility jackets for colder mornings.


7. Arc’teryx

Known for long-lasting and high-performance outdoor gear, Arc’teryx offers great outdoor gear and pre-loved ReGEAR™. Regarding their sustainability initiatives, Arc’teryx works with Bluesign to find safer textile chemistries and sets science-based targets to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Pictured on the Left: Proton Hoody | Pictured on the Right: Gamma Lightweight Pants


8. Birkenstocks

These iconic German sandals offer comfort and protection. The footbed contains cork and natural latex, which are both renewable and non-toxic, and they use 98% environmentally friendly adhesives, so you can confidently put your best foot forward out on your safari!


9. Tentree

Tentree is known for its commitment to reforestation. They use sustainable materials and plant ten trees for every item purchased, making your safari attire choices even more planet-friendly. I highly recommend shopping at Tentree for basics: t-shirts, long-sleeves, and comfortable camp loungewear.


10. Fjällräven

Made in Sweden, Fjällräven is renowned for its durable and eco-friendly outdoor clothing. Fjällräven was voted the most sustainable brand in its industry according to Sustainable Brand Index 2020 Sweden. With a commitment to ethical manufacturing, they’re the perfect place to shop for your next safari trip.

Pictured on the Left: Raven Lite Jacket | Pictured on the Right: Vidda Pro Ventilated Trousers


11. Teva

Teva offers adventure sandals and footwear designed for outdoor enthusiasts seeking both comfort and style during their safari journey. Buy a pair of Tevas for walking around camp or your daily game drives.


12. Aventura Clothing

Last but not least, Aventura. Their motto is “clothing with conscious origins.” They specialize in comfortable, stylish, and sustainable clothing for women. They utilize nine sustainable and preferred fibers across 90% of their collection, including organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester, lending, wool, and hemp. Learn more about their sustainability initiatives here.


Enjoy Your Safari

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have an incredible safari with your new sustainable clothes. If you have any other recommendations for sustainable safari brands, feel free to reach out to me.

Love, Kim

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