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Your bedroom is the one place you can fully decompress after a long day, so it’s important to put time and care into creating a comfortable space. Adding houseplants in your room can go a long way in creating a relaxing environment and reducing your stress levels. After a few weeks, you may fall in love with the sight of nature indoors, as well as watching each plants grow under your care.

There are many health benefits to owning plants, but the most significant benefits I’ve experienced are related to mental health. Nature has an amazing way of making us feel more connected to our surroundings, as well as to ourselves. In this article, I put together a list of seven reasons why you should add plants to your bedroom.

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1. Clean + Purify Air Pollutants

In 1989, a NASA experiment discovered that houseplants naturally filter the air of volatile organic compounds. Although we rarely think about the quality of our air while indoors, many home products leech toxic chemicals into our environment. For example, furniture products are often coated in flame retardant chemicals, while paint is infused with carcinogenic benzene. These chemicals can pollute your home environment for years without you noticing. Keeping a houseplant in your bedroom is an easy way to filter these chemicals out of your air, giving you more fresh oxygen in return.

2. Improve Mood + Productivity

When I think of productivity, the first thing that comes to mind is my morning coffee. However, plants also have a mysterious way of boosting our work life. One study discovered that plants in a workplace can improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity by up to 15 per cent. Honestly, I’m not surprised. When you are hyped up on cortisol trying to finish an assignment, it can be grounding to take a second to admire the living, breathing ecosystem around you.

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3. Aid Seasonal Allergies

Houseplants can either make your allergies better or worse, depending on the type of plant you choose. If you have seasonal allergies, I would recommend buying lilies, which help to remove PCE from the air, golden pothos and philodendron, which control formaldehyde, gerbera daisies, which control benzene, or any of the plant varieties I listed in the photos. Also, be careful not to overwater your plants–this can make it easier for mold to grow. If your allergies are linked to pollen or pollutants, houseplants can overall be a major source of relief!

4. Reduce Stress Levels

Have you ever felt stressed watching a sunset? I didn’t think so. Nature has a way of centering us, of reminding us how infinitely small and simultaneously complex life can be. It may be a stretch, but houseplants can offer the same type of stress relief. Helping a plant grow is rewarding, as well as intriguing when you watch your plant thrive from water, sunshine, and nutritious soil.

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5. Boost Creativity

Humans may think we have it all figured out, but here’s a news flash: we are still animals, only smarter and more power-hungry. We sleep when it gets dark, we get fight-or-flighty when the world is too loud or demanding, and we depend on nature for our survival. Nature has also been a powerful source of inspiration and insight for many humans. If you are prone to overthinking or are stuck in a rut, try sprucing up your room with some greenery–it may inspire you to see your own space differently.

6. Natural Humidifier

Plants have to breathe–and when they do, they release vapor from tiny holes, called stomata, in their leaves. This water is constantly pulled from their soil in order to keep their leaves and stem hydrated. Arcea Palm, Boston Fern, Spider Plant, and Peace Lily are excellent plants for rehydrating the air in your room.

7. Enhance Your Interior Style

Last but not least, plants look great in any room. A Fig Leaf Tree, Monstera, or Lucky Bamboo will enhance just about any room you put it in. Lucky for you, there are a lot of other plant varieties to choose from!

Let me know what your favorite type of houseplant is in the comments section below! Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!

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