What to Pack for a Weekend Ski Trip (Checklist + Must-Haves)

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If you are wondering what to pack for a ski trip, here is my ski packing list for a two-day weekend trip. Depending on whether you decide to rent or buy your own gear, your packing list will look slightly different. This list has helped me pack for dozens of trips to Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Ski Resort throughout college.



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Ski Shop

Essential ski gear for two days on the slopes. Make sure you have your skis, boots, poles, helmet, and goggles with you.

Ski Jackets

Which color will you sport on the slopes?

Ski Pants

These ski pants are super flattering. They are also highly-rated.


Base Layers

Base layers are designed to keep you dry. Stick to merino, synthetic and bamboo fabrics. These odor-resistant fabrics won’t smell after a few wears.

Vests, Sweaters + Fleeces

You can use vests, sweaters, and fleeces as a second layer. When packing, you can use compression bags to squeeze bulky items like sweaters and fleeces into your suitcase.

Ski Gloves + Warm Socks

These designs will help keep your fingers and toes warm. Pro tip: dry your ski gloves and socks on your radiator at the end of the day.


Cute Beanies

When it comes to beanies, one isn’t enough.

Winter Boots

Don’t let your toes freeze! Choose the right shoes.


After skiing, there’s nothing better than changing into dry clothes. Remember to pack plenty of sweatshirts and sweatpants.


Skincare + Bodycare

When you’re skiing or staying at altitude, your face and body can quickly become dry. Take the time to stock up on chapstick, hydrating face cleansers, and strong moisturizers.

Camera Gear

During your trip, you might want to capture photos or videos to share with friends and family. Here are my favorite pieces of camera gear that will survive the bitter cold.

Backpacks + Fanny Packs

Sometimes, it can be helpful to wear a backpack or fanny pack while skiing. I know a lot of people who pack beer, snacks, and several bottles of water on hand. If this sounds like you, here are a few options.


Where I get my gear

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If you have any questions about skiing or gear, leave a message in the comments section! I’ve been skiing for 19 years (I’m 22 years old now) and I love introducing people to the ski community.

XO, Kim


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