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If you are traveling with a group that has a wide variety of dietary preferences, R+D Kitchen is the perfect compromise. Located in Yountville, R+D Kitchen is a local restaurant that offers American cuisine, burgers, and a sushi bar. The prices are very reasonable, the portion sizes are generous, and the service is top-notch. Plus, the restaurant allows you to bring your own wine!


What to Order at R+D Kitchen

R+D Kitchen offers both vegetarian and meat-based options with many featured Asian fusion dishes. If you have trouble deciding, the servers at R+D are helpful and will offer you their menu recommendations. I decided to go with Ding’s Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Tuna Tartare, Mango Salmon Poke, Vegetable Roll, and the Cashew Kale Salad. R+D is famous for Ding’s Sandwich, so definitely give this entree a try when you go! 


The photo above features the Tuna Tartare, which is paired with plenty of avocado and toasted ciabatta bread. This was a large entree and I had trouble finishing it on my own! I’d recommend ordering this entree as an appetizer for your entire table.


R+D Decor + Ambiance

R+D has a modern and chic interior, as well as outdoor seating for those who want a cocktail, beer, or glass of wine from the bar. Large yellow umbrellas are dispersed throughout the front entrance, keeping guests sheltered from the sun and heat. Napa Valley can get very hot and dry–the average temperature is 83 degrees from July to September!



I’d highly recommend eating at R+D Kitchen if you are visiting Napa Valley for the day! The food is delicious and the setting is perfect for a family dinner or a cocktail with friends. If you have been or want to go to R+D Kitchen, let me know what you think of the restaurant in the comments below! If you’re interested in reading more about the area, check out my article: Napa Valley: Four Must-Visit Wineries.

XO, Kim


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