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Whether you plan to go on game drives or take a Mokoro trip, you can refer to this stylish packing list on what to wear on a safari in the Okavango Delta. In addition, I’ve linked my top 20 favorite safari brands for you to shop! Keep scrolling down for my safari style guide, activity-specific outfit ideas, and answers to your top FAQs about my 10-Day Trip to the Okavango Delta.

The Ultimate Okavango Delta Style Guide

Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling wildlife expedition or exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Botswana, these top 21 brands offer a diverse range of safari clothing and gear to ensure you’re well-prepared, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish. Interested in eco-friendly safari clothes? Don’t forget to check out my article on Sustainable Safari Brands for Women.


Top 20 Brands to Shop for Safari Clothes

Looking for what to wear on a safari in the Okavango Delta? Start with these 20 brands.

  1. Arc’teryx: First, we have Arc’teryx, known for high-performance outdoor gear.
  2. Backcountry: Next up, check out Backcountry for rugged outdoor apparel.
  3. Birkenstocks: Third, the Birks. Iconic German sandals known for orthopedic support.
  4. Columbia: Sportswear brand offering outdoor clothing and gear for various activities.
  5. Cotopaxi: Climate-neutral certified company for sustainable outdoor clothing.
  6. Eddie Bauer: Classic American outdoor brand specializing in durable outdoor clothing.
  7. Fjällräven: Renowned for its durable and eco-friendly outdoor clothing.
  8. Helly Hansen: Outdoor clothing designed to withstand harsh conditions.
  9. Hoka: Athletic footwear known for plush cushioning and excellent support.
  10. KÜHL: Outdoor clothing with superior comfort and performance.
  11. LLBean: Renowned for quality outdoor gear, clothing, and recreational equipment.
  12. Lululemon: High-end activewear brand with a focus on yoga and fitness.
  13. Orvis: Lifestyle brand specializing in outdoor clothes.
  14. Outdoor Voices: Athleticwear company promoting an active and inclusive lifestyle.
  15. Patagonia: Eco-conscious outdoor brand known for sustainable styles.
  16. Prana: Yoga and outdoor lifestyle brand emphasizing sustainable, comfortable clothing.
  17. REI: Outdoor co-op and retailer offering gear, clothing, and outdoor experiences.
  18. Tentree: Plants ten trees for every item purchased, making your attire planet-friendly.
  19. Teva: Adventure sandals and footwear designed for outdoor enthusiasts.
  20. The Frye Company: Finally, the Frye Company, an iconic American bootmaker.


Safari Style Mood Board

Packing List: Safari Essentials in the Okavango Delta

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what to wear to the Okavango Delta. Here’s your Botswana packing list with ideas on what to wear on your safari adventure.


1 Utility Jacket

First, you’ll need to purchase a utility jacket. You’ll wear this jacket just about everywhere! Since the weather in the Okavango Delta can vary, it’s essential to have a jacket that can handle both the heat and the cold.


1 Pullover Sweater

Next up, bring a sweater you can easily take on and off for cold morning game drives. I recommend something soft in case you want to layer up at night, too.


3 Short-Sleeve Shirts

For super hot days, short-sleeve shirts are the best. Plus, they’re layer-able.


3 Long-Sleeved Shirts

Long-sleeved shirts sealed with UPF 50 sun protection will save you from burning! Also, the mosquitos won’t be able to bite you (a win-win!).


2 Cargo Pants

Versatile and suitable for various weather conditions, cargo pants with multiple pockets allow you to carry all the items you need. Plus, many cargo pants feature zip-off legs, so you can convert them into shorts when it gets too hot.


2 Cargo Shorts

Pack a pair of cargo shorts for game drives and boat rides.


1 Dress or Romper

Pick a dress or romper made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, so you can keep cool!


1 Pair of Hiking Boots

Closed-toe shoes and hiking boots keep your feet comfortable all day long.


1 Pair of Sandals

Birkenstocks are my favorite sandals because they can withstand all the thorns in the Okavango Delta. I wore my favorite pair everywhere!


1 Wide-Brimmed Hat

Sun protection is no joke, so don’t forget a hat or cap to shield your face.


1 Beanie

Keep your head warm when the temperatures drop.


1 Pair of Gloves

A great accessory to have on hand for early morning game drives.


4 Pairs of Socks, Bras & Underwear

Don’t forget to pack these. Your trip depends on the essentials!


1 Pair of Sunglasses

Lastly, the sunnies. Pack the right pair, and you can take in all of the beauty of the Okavango Delta.


What to Wear to Safari Activities in the Okavango Delta

Next up, I compiled some outfits by activity. Remember to bring those binoculars because you have a date with some extraordinary wildlife!

Game Drive Outfit

Comfort, protection, and functionality are key when you are up close and personal with wild animals in the Okavango Delta.


Mokoro Trip Outfit

A mokoro trip is a popular activity for exploring Botswana’s waterways and wetlands in the Okavango Delta. When preparing for a mokoro trip, I recommend wearing light-weight clothing and waterproof sandals or shoes.


Birdwatching Outfit

Birdwatching is all about blending in with the natural environment! Choose clothing made from lightweight, breathable materials to stay comfortable and a wide-brimmed hat to help shield your face.


Okavango Delta FAQs

Finally, the FAQs –– the stuff you all want to know! Without further ado, here are some answers to your top questions:


What is the weather like in the Okavango Delta?

The Okavango Delta has two main seasons – dry and wet. I recommend visiting during the dry season in June, July, or August when afternoon temperatures reach about 26°C/79°F on average, and early mornings are about 7°C/45°F. Of course, you’ll need to prepare for various temperatures so you don’t freeze on your morning game drives or overheat mid-day!


What’s the dress code in Botswana?

Locals appreciate visitors who dress modestly and respectfully, so leave your revealing outfits at home and opt for clothing that covers your skin. Also, when you pair modest clothing with a good bug spray, you’ll avoid getting bit.


What colors do I avoid on a safari in the Okavango Delta?

Bright and flashy colors can startle wildlife, so avoid these if you can. Whites can also get dirty quickly in the bush, so make sure the whites you bring are easily washable. Avoid camouflage-patterned clothing, which is only permitted for the army and is illegal for anyone else. At this point, you’re probably wondering: Kim, what can I wear? It’s simple: stick to earthy tones (khaki, olive, or beige).


Is it okay to wear jeans or leggings on a safari?

Yes, you can wear jeans or leggings, but make sure they’re comfortable because you’ll spend many hours sitting during game drives.


How do I pack for my trip to the Okavango Delta?

When it comes to packing, less is more! You’ll likely have laundry options available during your safari, so you can pack light and re-wear your clothes. Also, don’t forget your camera, passport, headlamps, binoculars, and Botswana Pula. You’ll want to double-check your packing list before you fly!

Safari Essentials


Sustainable Safari Edit


What’s the best bug spray for Okavango Delta?

Choose DEET-based sprays (20-30%), oil of lemon eucalyptus (30% concentration), or permethrin-treated clothing for sun protection. Also, wear long clothing to minimize insect bites, especially during dawn and dusk.


Ready to Go to the Okavango Delta?

Alright, guys! You’re all set. You now know what to wear on a safari in the Okavango Delta. If you follow this packing list, I’m confident you’ll be ready for an unforgettable safari! Enjoy the wildlife and the incredible experiences in Botswana to come.

XO, Kim

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